WYSIWYG – What You Send Is What You Get


Discounted Posting Program

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We are introducing a new economic pricing plan in 2024 only for twoverbs.com

It’s called WYSIWYG. (What You Send Is What You Get). It’s a new workflow now under development. 

  • You email with the code WYSIWYG in the subject line and include a draft attachment of your guest post.
  • We post your draft without formatting, SEO care, or editing. 
  • We will place a generic feature image.
  • Post in the WYSIWYG discount will not be promoted or appear on our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Google News. 
  • The status of its publication will be your receipt of the PayPal invoice. 

Posts on twoverbs.com can be posted using the WYSIWYG discount for $15 each.

This workflow is under development. We expected it to be announced in February.