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Thumbwind Publications offers small businesses content marketing programs and platforms to expand their market reach and visibility. We offer outsourced IT services, content creation, online marketing, and site optimization.

Thumbwind.com offers a regional online network of sites focused on stories, current events, and the history of the Great Lakes, with a particular interest in Michigan’s Thumb region. The site began as a Wind Industry focus in 2009 and has experienced 400% growth during the last five years. The site currently entertains and informs approximately 50,000 US-based visitors a month.


Here are the sites owned and operated by Thumbwind Publications.


Finding Fun In Michigan & Beyond

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Thumbwind’s goal is to explore and find fun around the Great Lakes, Michigan, focusing on the Upper Thumb. The site has expanded to show travel, lifestyle, and business trends and feature stories. We featured hard-hitting news from Ukraine, renewable energy, farming, and great foods in the Midwest. We also love historical events, people, and places folks love learning about. In fact, stories on our site are utilized by Google Classroom. Join Us

Contributions must fit the theme of our site. Broadly, we look for Michigan-themed content, environmental issues affecting the Great Lakes, US history, regional foods, places to see, and things to do in the Upper Midwest. We like lifestyle stories covering art, hunting, fishing, gardening, sailing, and boating. We love to carry stories about the classroom experience.

All posts appear with our editorial and feature stories. They will appear on the main page and be featured until the next story appears. It could be as little as a day or a week or more.


Dynamic Content and Uplifting News

The Two Verbs project is a dynamic content site that strives to offer uplifting thematic news and content of interest to a media-savvy user. We strive to find and offer informative content that is unique and useful. TwoVerbs concentrates its focus on the following areas: Health and Health Issues, Top News and News Headlines, Living and Lifestyle, History and Historical Events, Economy, Sports, and Outdoors.

Contributions must be excellently written in English, Min. 800 words long, with No plagiarism, Max 2 links to external websites, No Adult material, dating sites, anything violent, sexist, or racist, and no affiliate links. TwoVerbs does accept content: Marijuana Topics (Law, norms, and Issues where Marijuana is legal), Sports betting (online, club, or informal), Casino (about the tourist attraction of the casino)

Articles will be posted through our publishing workflow with editorial posts and pages. Highly sensitive topics will have advertising curtailed. All posts will be edited and adjusted to achieve a Rank Math score of 75 or higher.


Because Life Is Not Lived On A Straight Line

We provide entertaining and insightful content around the edges of society, culture, and politics… looking at today’s issues from a more diverse, inclusive, and conscious point of view. We look to offer creative and insightful content covering the edges of society and culture. Spice2Vice is fun, informative, and unafraid to stand up for our beliefs. Spice2Vice is a media outlet exploring the array of sensual vices. We’re about finding new ways to enjoy life.

All guest posts are edited for content and high visibility before publishing. Articles containing content regarding sports betting, alcohol, legal marijuana, and CDB are acceptable

Posts are visible on the main home page for at least one day before going below the fold with additional posts.


Review Latest Ways To Expand Your Reach

The concept behind iGuestPost.com is the belief that diverse writers make a better reading experience. Therefore, we offer a unique publishing platform to a broader range of people so that we can hear from more voices with different backgrounds and experiences. While our reach is worldwide, we are hosted in the United States and optimized for the North American market. So it’s a perfect platform to expand your voice globally while still having a local appeal.

Our most successful posts are informational and help someone seeking information on a specific topic. Thus, how-tos, DIYs, product comparisons, recipes, hints, and did-you-know articles are what we are looking for.

Your posts will be placed with the editorial, news, and other contributing authors. No differentiation is made.


The Best Stories, Sites, and Fun From Around the Great Lakes State.

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An alternate site to offer stories about the Great Lakes State. Places to see, great things to eat, roads to explore, and here and there, and a sprinkling of history that we will bet you didn’t know.


Betterbythelake.com logo

Welcome to “Better By The Lake,” a premier online destination dedicated to enhancing your lakeside living experience. Whether you’re a cottage or cabin owner looking for valuable tips, a beach enthusiast seeking the best coastal destinations around the Great Lakes, or a discerning customer in need of reliable product and service reviews, our website is here to meet your needs.

We offer a wealth of information and resources, including practical advice for Florida snowbirds who are cottage owners, a curated guide to the finest beaches in the region, and honest reviews of products and services tailored to lakeside living. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of lakeshores, share valuable insights, and help you create unforgettable memories at the water’s edge. “Better By The Lake” is your trusted companion for all things lakeside – come on in and discover a world of possibilities!


A Programatic SEO Experiment

FloridaMarkers.com is a website dedicated to the collection and preservation of information about historical markers in Florida. We believe that these markers are an important part of our state’s history, and we want to make sure that they are accessible to everyone.

Our site includes a database of over 10,000 markers, with information on their location, history, and significance. We also offer a variety of resources for learning more about Florida’s history, including articles, maps, and photographs.


AI Generated Content – Redefining the Future of Writing


The field of Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace. AI-generated content has been around for many years but it has recently become more accessible to the public. Online tools like WordSmith made it easy to generate short sentences, which then led to full content generation capabilities in products like Quilland Narrative Science.

AITrueReview.com is a site that highlights great stories, feature articles, and news primarily generated by AI writing tools. We challenge some asserting that AI-generated content is somehow misleading or SPAM. We embrace the AI concept and hope to use this site to mark the technical advancement and nuance growth of original content generated by Artificial Intelligence tools

We believe in providing an outlet for non-human writers from around the globe to share their work with readers who seek out original thought leadership pieces on topics ranging from science fiction movies and television shows to quantum physics theories (and everything in between).


Paddle and Camp Happy By Being Prepared

This site was introduced in 2020 to cover skills and techniques for those adventuring in the backwoods of northern Minnesota and Canada, specifically in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Skills are reviewed. Equipment, gear, and tips on places to explore and see in BWCA are discussed.


Research Of German Religious Colony In Michigan 1861-1868

Ora Labora is an educational and research site that recognized the German Colony on Wild Fowl Bay, Michigan, from 1862 to 1867. We aim to provide verifiable and primary source information on the colony’s formation, operation, and demise. We also offer feature stories on activity and work being conducted to preserve and restore the original cabins from the property.


Looking For Fun At The Tip Of The Thumb

This is currently utilized as a redirect landing page and is being reserved for future development. The domain is a redirect link to content designated from Michigan’s Upper Thumb.


This is currently utilized as a redirect landing page and is being reserved for future development. The domain is a redirect link to content designated from Michigan’s Upper Thumb.


The phone number is 586-980-0565


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